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It’s been awhile since I’ve written, and much has happened. I’m changing direction a bit with this blog and I hope you’ll stick with me. If you want to read about my weight loss journey, you can peruse the archives!

I remember being 15 in 1974. Barely, but I remember. Anyone who was 50 years old was ancient. My mom turned 50 that year. Here is what I remember about my parents in 1974:

  • They didn’t seem to have much fun
  • I don’t recall them being very happy
  • I don’t ever remember them having friends over – and only occasionally did they go visit friends
  • They weren’t physically active
  • I thought they were really, really old

Understand I was the youngest of three, and by the time I was 13 my sister was married and my brother was in college. I’m sure my parents were pretty worn out by the time I was a teenager, and in all honesty they were pretty hands off. Luckily I was petrified of getting in trouble, so I was a pretty good kid.

My parents passed away within three months of each other (Dad in November, 2007 and Mom in February, 2008), not long before my 50th birthday in January of 2009. I remember that birthday very well. I was still struggling with grief (and probably undiagnosed depression) and life wasn’t much fun. At all. I was overweight, out of shape and unhappy. But I had no clue (or in all honesty, motivation) to change anything.

Fast forward to December, 2011. New Year’s Eve, to be exact. I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and finally worked up the courage to do something about it. The short story? I went on a diet and exercise program and lost 30 pounds over the next 10 months. It wasn’t easy, believe me, but I did it. And I’ve keep 25 pounds of it off for 4 years.

There are a lot of blogs you can read, and in all honesty I don’t expect many people to read this one. It’s more for me than anything – does that sound selfish? Well, maybe it is, but I need to do this. I need to write to keep myself accountable so I never, ever go back to they way I was in 2011.

I believe my life really started over in 2012. I’ll share more in the next post…I hope you’ll be here when I come back.



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