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Week 1. Done.

We made it through the first week of Whole30! AH and I are committed to staying the course, but it has definitely taken some effort and discipline. I’ve planned and prepared more than I can remember doing before. I actually did some pre-cooking on Sunday to be ready for the week. I’ve read labels, researched brands and scoured Pinterest for recipes in order to find the best, tastiest food for this effort. I’m so thankful to be part of a Facebook group – these folks are so encouraging and helpful! It’s a place to post questions, rant a little and even share victories. I think I’d probably have quit after a few days without them.

If you’re doing Whole30 – or any healthy eating plan, good for you! I never imagined how much sugar, carbs and grains I was eating. Since cutting them out I’ve had more energy and been in a better mood than I have in – well – years. I don’t have cravings, I don’t need to snack (I’m a long time snacker, believe me) and I don’t even miss coffee. AH and I have decided to adopt a more Paleo style of eating after W30 is over – I don’t want to add sugar back in, and I’ll be severely limiting my grains and carbs as well. Wine will be a treat, not an every day occurrence. Chocolate will be the exception, not the rule. I will be healthier, happier and stronger. Happy New Me!




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