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Happy Monday!

This is day 29 of our Whole30 adventure and I have to say, I’m amazed at how relatively easy it has been. Most importantly, my wonderful AH has been totally onboard with the plan – I don’t think I would have made it otherwise. We’ve also had a great Facebook group – these folks have shared recipes, given encouragement and helped us all stay on track. We’re even continuing the group after W30 is over – everyone has noticed so many positive changes we don’t want to quit!

I am eager to continue trying new recipes, looking for ways to slowly add back in some things (like…wine…not gonna lie, I’ve missed wine!) and maintaining my new healthy lifestyle.

I’d love to hear your Whole30 experiences! Please comment and let’s start a conversation!

To your health!


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6 months into my journey to health, I’m surprisingly still committed to it. Seriously. The longest I think I ever stayed on a “diet” before was 21 days, and that was a cleanse. I guess I never found a program, diet, whatever that brought results. Until now.

I’ve discovered that losing weight is a lot like marriage. It takes time, commitment and determination to stick with it through the day in, day out challenges. Time is something I was not willing to take before. Time to exercise, time to log my food intake, time to think about what I put in my mouth. Commitment was always a challenge – I just wanted to eat those chips, cookies, ice cream – more than I wanted to lose weight. Determination was never a strong suit. I get distracted (squirrel!) and bored easily. One look at all my unfinished craft projects will verify that. I joined a gym over a year ago, and after 3 or 4 visits early on, I didn’t go back until this past January.

Now here I am, 25 pounds lighter, 4 sizes smaller, in better shape than ever and committed to staying this way. Needless to say, I’ve changed. I take the time to log my food intake every day. The iPhone app “My Fitness Pal” reminds me if I forget to log my lunch. I record my weight and exercise every day so I keep track of my calories. I don’t freak out if I go over my calorie count for the day, but I do watch it pretty closely. If I gain a pound or two, I review my diet and make small changes: reduce calories, exercise a bit more, change things up. I now understand what I can and cannot eat. And it’s really not that painful. Do I still want that cookie? You betcha. Another glass of wine? Don’t mind if I do. But I’ll cut out something else and drink tons of water to get back on track. It’s all about knowing your body. I’m committed to keeping the weight off, determined not to go back to my old way of eating. I’m giving away all those larger clothes. No “backup” wardrobe for me.

I went to lunch with a friend recently at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. The old me would have motored through a bowl of chips by myself and started in on a second one. This time I took out a “serving” of chips, put them on a plate and ate only those chips. My friend did the same thing and we were so proud of ourselves we took a picture of the almost-full-bowl-of-chips! It’s all about making a decision and sticking with it. Time. Commitment. Determination. It pays off. I promise.

Taking joy in the journey,


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Four months is not a long time. But that’s how long it’s taken me to lose 20 pounds. It wasn’t easy, but I can say with confidence it has been worth the time and effort. It is interesting to note that when I tell people I’m losing weight, they often wonder aloud why – they didn’t perceive me as “overweight”. While I wasn’t 50 pounds over my “ideal” weight, I was definitely carrying a significant amount of extra weight for my 5’4” inch frame. Even my doctor said I wasn’t technically in the overweight category, but that I would probably benefit from losing some weight and exercising. I wasn’t eating a horrible diet, just not the healthiest for me. In addition to fruits and vegetables, I ate fast food on a weekly basis, drank diet soda, snacked on chips and crackers and didn’t really think about what I was putting in my mouth. I’m not a huge fan of dessert, but I didn’t turn it down, either.

A friend recently asked me what the turning point was in my attitude. Looking back, I can safely say there were several.

The first was almost a year ago when we took our annual vacation to Table Rock Lake in Missouri. I love that lake, and have always said I can do all my waterskiing for the year in that one week. Last year was the exception. On the first day of our vacation, first time on the water I put on my skies and prepared to enjoy my first run of the week. Only I didn’t get up. On my second attempt I fell and pulled the hamstring in my right leg. Bad. I limped all week and never skied the rest of the summer. I didn’t want to admit it, but my weight was part of the problem.

I’ve never really enjoyed looking at photos of myself, and at our 30th anniversary party in August our daughters gave us 3 beautiful photo books – each book marking a decade of our marriage. As I looked through the books and saw the awful 80’s and 90’s hair, eyeglass and clothing styles (shoulder pads, anyone?) I also saw the ups and downs of my weight over the years. Those books and the photos taken at our party was the second domino to fall.

The final domino happened around New Year’s Eve. We were going dancing with friends and I needed something to wear. All of my nice dresses were too small, so I went shopping. I ended up buying a nice, cream colored tunic. Might as well have been a tent. I didn’t want to be in the group photo, but got dragged in anyway. I nearly cried when I saw the photo. It was time to make some serious changes.

I started a 21 day cleanse on January 2nd and the rest, as they say, is history. After the cleanse I started counting calories with my new best friend www.myfitnesspal.com and exercising 4 days a week. I also started blogging about my journey (the first one is here: https://thisjoyfuljourney.wordpress.com/2012/01/12/perseverance/) which has helped keep me accountable. I had amazing encouragement from my family, friends and coworkers who cheered me on with each milestone I reached. My awesome husband has been the greatest source of encouragement and support. I am blessed, indeed.

So much has changed in a very short time. It’s amazing how my attitude toward food has altered over these past four months. I used to just eat mindlessly: grab a box of “healthy” crackers or bag of chips and eat in front of the TV. My hand would automatically go in the box and to my mouth without me ever thinking about it. Before I knew it, ½ the box would be gone and I would (for a moment) regret eating all those crackers/chips. Now I make healthier choices automatically and don’t crave sweets or fast food much at all (except for the occasional hormonally crucial chocolate – which is now satisfied with one small square instead of a whole candy bar!)

Believe me. If I can do this, anyone can! I still have work to do, and will have to be diligent to keep off the weight, but this has been a remarkable, challenging, frustrating, enlightening and yes, joyful journey.

Taking joy in the journey,


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