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Happy Monday!

This is day 29 of our Whole30 adventure and I have to say, I’m amazed at how relatively easy it has been. Most importantly, my wonderful AH has been totally onboard with the plan – I don’t think I would have made it otherwise. We’ve also had a great Facebook group – these folks have shared recipes, given encouragement and helped us all stay on track. We’re even continuing the group after W30 is over – everyone has noticed so many positive changes we don’t want to quit!

I am eager to continue trying new recipes, looking for ways to slowly add back in some things (like…wine…not gonna lie, I’ve missed wine!) and maintaining my new healthy lifestyle.

I’d love to hear your Whole30 experiences! Please comment and let’s start a conversation!

To your health!


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Happy New Year! 2017 is already shaping up to be interesting – and that’s putting it mildly. AH (Awesome Husband) and I started Whole30 on Monday and I’ve been surprised at how relatively easy it’s been. Don’t get me wrong. The thought of giving up sugar, bread, pasta, wine, etc. was pretty daunting. I can honestly say I haven’t missed any of it. Yet. But this is just Day 4, so we’ll see how I feel on Day 7!

A little background. In my last post I talked about my weight loss journey that started in 2012. At the time I swore I would never. Repeat, NEVER allow myself to gain any of that weight back. Well, I should have known better than to say NEVER about anything. I didn’t gain it all back, but I gained about 8 pounds of it back. And I could feel every pound. No one else seemed to notice (or were just too kind to say anything), but I did. Enter Whole30. At the urging of the wonderful AAG (awesome family members who will remain anonymous – you know who you are), AH and I decided to jump on the W30 bandwagon. Bless him, AH never seems to have trouble losing weight, but he is a trooper and is in this with me which will make life SO much easier for the next 26 days. Yes, I’m counting down!

What I’m hoping for:

  • Weight Loss (I’m shooting for 10 pounds)
  • Increased energy
  • Decrease in cravings (chocolate and carbs are my downfall)
  • Clear thinking (Anyone else have a foggy brain sometimes? Women of a certain age aka WOCA can relate, I’m sure)
  • Clearer, healthier skin
  • Better sleep
  • Reduction in joint pain (not serious, but annoying)

I plan to chronicle the process here. Feel free to jump in and comment, or just check back occasionally. I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but I promise: I. WILL. FINISH. STRONG!!!



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This week I started month 2 of “2012 – Year of Getting Healthy”. To date I’ve lost 8.5 pounds and am actually starting to feel “lighter”.  I’m noticing other changes as well – I’m becoming an avid label reader (my apologies to those whom I mocked for reading labels in the past!), I actually miss going to the gym if I have to take a day off, and my clothes are getting looser. I’m making better, fresher choices in the grocery store (very limited processed food) and taking note of everything I put in my mouth. And it’s working.

I’ve done a lot of research online and it’s amazing the variety of “best” diets and exercise out there. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what foods are awful, great, better, best. I think it comes down to common sense in the end. I’m being more intentional in my food choices and have cut out some things entirely. No more sodas was the first biggie. No more coffee – green tea is now my morning drink and I honestly don’t really even miss the coffee. We are eating at home more – which is starting to save us some serious money!

The biggest change I’ve made is to journal what I eat. The calorie/exercise/weight tracker on my iPhone has been a huge help. I can search restaurants, recipes, grocery store items, etc. and keep a fairly accurate calorie count. It keeps me accountable and on track with my goals.

A huge part of this process has been the support of my awesome husband. He’s been so patient as I try new “healthier” recipes and hasn’t complained about the lack of sweets in the house. I even made him an angel food cake last week as a thank you! Surprisingly I’ve not been tempted with sweets at all. I thought bread would be tough (it used to be my personal kryptonite), but I’ve found some good alternatives so it hasn’t been terrible.

Going forward I’ll be adding in some strength training to the walking I’ve been doing. I even started running for short bursts this week – which is huge for me. The weight is coming off slowly, which can be frustrating, but I told handsome hubs last night I think I will be more motivated to keep it off because I know how much hard work it took to lose it! I understand that this is not a race – it’s a marathon. A marathon I need to commit to running for the rest of my life.

Taking joy in the journey,


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